Tutorial – How to Add Instagram to Blogger Sidebar como conseguir muitas curtidas

Tutorial – How to Add Instagram to Blogger Sidebar como conseguir muitas curtidas



ganhar seguidores no instagram

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ganhar seguidores instagram
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
como conseguir muitas curtidas
In this tutorial you will quickly learn how to add your Instagram feed to your Blogger sidebar and customize it to fit in the space you have available.


Sandra on novembro 15, 2014 AT 01 pm

thankyou! it helped me 🙂 

Fera Parker on novembro 30, 2014 AT 03 pm

Thank you for this!

Karisma Pagat on dezembro 23, 2014 AT 11 pm

Thanks Kelly! This tutorial was the first hit off of Google. =) I needed it for my blog and it was SUPER helpful! Very clear instructions! =) 

RybaTV on janeiro 9, 2015 AT 05 pm


Maricruz Armenta on janeiro 25, 2015 AT 09 pm

Thanks Kelly, this tutorial was ver helpful! I was actually going to pay someone to do this "professionally" but your instructions were perfect! 🙂 

Sophie Smith on março 7, 2015 AT 10 pm

this tutorial was fantastic thank you very much

Dexter Peliño on junho 14, 2015 AT 03 pm

This helped a lot. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


Marta In Cactus Land on junho 15, 2015 AT 02 am

Thanks so much for this! 🙂

Kaitlyn Pallas on junho 23, 2015 AT 12 am

thank you thank you!!

Cristina Rose on agosto 18, 2015 AT 08 pm

Thank you so much! so helpful!

Mercier Vlogs on agosto 25, 2015 AT 03 pm

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

pro(crastinating) selfie stick on agosto 30, 2015 AT 04 am

thank you so much for this! i spent 30 min trying to figure that out reading FAQ pages on my own… gosh, a video like yours just made it so much easier.

ThePerfect CatEye on setembro 18, 2015 AT 03 am

Thanks for sharing this very helpful!

iconjane on outubro 18, 2015 AT 04 pm

that was very helpful. thank you. : )

Kanchan Marathe on outubro 23, 2015 AT 07 am

Hi this is so great! I've been loogin all over for some widgets, and tutorials. Your tutorial is amazing, and the best part is, it actually worked for me!
Thanks! 🙂

Urqu Elle on outubro 31, 2015 AT 08 pm

Thank you so much!!!!!

Treezah on novembro 11, 2015 AT 02 pm


Emma Tara on dezembro 6, 2015 AT 09 am

So helpful. Thanks so much 🙂

A Mariela Kavaliunas on dezembro 9, 2015 AT 05 pm

Genia! Thanks!!!

merilla may on dezembro 10, 2015 AT 04 am

Thank you so much Kelley!! <3

Racquel Fraser on janeiro 14, 2016 AT 08 pm

This was super helpful. Thanks !

Carol Ong on janeiro 16, 2016 AT 03 pm

Thanks a lot, this helps me so much! Appreciate it!:D

Charlotte Samuels on janeiro 29, 2016 AT 01 pm

thank you, I don't suppose you know how to set up a Instagram fan page for a blog?

Alice Dartnell on janeiro 30, 2016 AT 08 am

this was great, so simple thank you x

KiddieToysReview on fevereiro 17, 2016 AT 11 am

Your Blogger tutorials are fantastic ~ we are going through them and adding the widgets as you suggest. Thanks for making the videos!

Lisa Schindler on fevereiro 20, 2016 AT 05 am

Doesn't work for me
<!– SnapWidget –>
<script src="http://snapwidget.com/js/snapwidget.js"></script>
<iframe src="http://snapwidget.com/in/?u=bWFyYWxvaGF0dmx8aW58MTI1fDJ8Mnx8bm98NXxub25lfG9uU3RhcnR8eWVzfHllcw==&ve=200216" title="Instagram Widget" class="snapwidget-widget" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:100%;"></iframe>

Lauren Scott on março 11, 2016 AT 09 pm

Thank you so much! This was very helpful with setting up my first blog! xx

Anas Marfouk on março 20, 2016 AT 12 pm

Thanks sweetie

Loren Ferruccio on março 31, 2016 AT 07 am

I did exactly as you said but on my blog the instagram shows a sad smiley…. is there anything in instagram I need to do to allow the pictures?

Eunice Palang on abril 30, 2016 AT 10 am

Thank you so much. This tutorial has been a really great help. 🙂

ReadSeeDo on maio 2, 2016 AT 07 am

Thank YOu..!Really Help..!!

Sheen B on junho 5, 2016 AT 08 am

Thank you for this tutorial! It was very helpful! 🙂

The Quireboys Rock!! on junho 11, 2016 AT 06 am

This is brilliant! Thanks for making the tutorial.

sabína sidorová on junho 29, 2016 AT 03 pm

So helpful . Thank you very much.

Kara Muller on julho 2, 2016 AT 03 am

This was so helpful! But do you know if it will automatically update or do i have to keep downloading the widget?

Marissa Sanchez on julho 31, 2016 AT 12 pm

http://www./url / instagram/ _marissasanchez

Make me up when it is all over on agosto 11, 2016 AT 07 am

I love you. Thank you very, very much!!!

Shaira Makinano on agosto 13, 2016 AT 11 pm

Hello Kelly! Thank you for this tutorial, very helpful 🙂

Violasphere on setembro 18, 2016 AT 03 pm

Super Helpful Still!

Keri-Ann Harper on setembro 20, 2016 AT 11 pm

This worked perfectly, thanks!!

XreX Ayush on outubro 9, 2016 AT 09 pm

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Oana M. Roman on outubro 24, 2016 AT 09 pm

Thanks a lot, Kelley! You were so helpful, even after 2 years of posting this tutorial 😛

Jackie Marangos on novembro 4, 2016 AT 03 pm

Thank you so much – I have managed to put Instagram on my blog. Great work I'm going to subscribe to your youtube.

MoreRetroBombshell on janeiro 8, 2017 AT 09 am

Thank you so much, finally i have an instagram widget on my blog.

RVing LiveThe Dream on fevereiro 7, 2017 AT 05 pm

Nice and easy! Thank you so much 🙂

Yossra Riahi on março 1, 2017 AT 09 am

thank you but i can't find the platform of snapwidget.com , i think it changed ? so i can't do anything

Mary McCaslin on março 10, 2017 AT 04 pm

Thank you soooooo much!

Jim Williams on março 12, 2017 AT 03 pm

Thanks Kelly, this is a GREAT video compared to the others I watched.  Thanks

Anti Candida on abril 6, 2017 AT 08 am

Thank you!

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