Rihanna Disses Beyonce on Instagram seguidores pro instagram

Rihanna Disses Beyonce on Instagram seguidores pro instagram



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Rihanna disses Beyonce on Instagram for acting like royalty. Selena Gomez misses Justin Bieber while she’s on tour and Robert Pattinson Katy Perry rumors …


tio4561 on dezembro 23, 2015 AT 06 am

people try to make sum out of nutin

Mariah Morris on dezembro 30, 2015 AT 03 pm

Riannha shu that up she look better than tou hater

Janice Riley-Sabanne on janeiro 1, 2016 AT 07 am

But but but..Beyonce is royalty compared to Rihanna and she should bow down lol

mikemmel kız on janeiro 6, 2016 AT 04 pm

who ia the rihanna?

Boubakar D on janeiro 12, 2016 AT 12 pm

"Bow down bitches" is directed at the haters. Beyoncé has said that she looks at Rihanna like family. Y'all thirsty af.

Tavares Higgs on janeiro 17, 2016 AT 05 pm

Hoe Rihanna is hating on Beyonce and always has. I know she ain't tryna judge another celebrity. She know its just a song she wanted yo attack Beyonce for something Prettier check sings better check dances better check more talented check. End story!!!

Sannia Barnes on janeiro 18, 2016 AT 05 pm

rihanna suck shit and get a life, beyonce is better than you, just because she has most fame than you could ever have your jealous over her, leave beyonce out of your shitty problems bitch

Jus Jc on janeiro 27, 2016 AT 10 pm

how can liking a fucking picture be a diss
god damn

trisher mrope on janeiro 31, 2016 AT 12 pm

your always the best my beyonce, you are a really queen …your girl from Tanzania

trisher mrope on janeiro 31, 2016 AT 12 pm

madga you can't compare beyonce and rianah beyonce start music when she is young no matter how rianah sold 150 by but she can't be like Beyonce never

SouthernBadBoy2008 on fevereiro 5, 2016 AT 04 pm

Beyonce ain't hitting on shit.

Black Mann504 on fevereiro 7, 2016 AT 02 pm

Beyonce can't dances or shake her ass take it from me da 504, anyone can do a dance move like the twist, or the nana but it does mean you can be on so you think you can dance bring dat ass to New Orleans we been dancing and I anit just talking bounce even though dats my shit

Black Mann504 on fevereiro 7, 2016 AT 02 pm

Jaz z anit no and never was a street nigga you can here it in his voice plus bring up how he started rapping, do your homework

Tavares Higgs on fevereiro 10, 2016 AT 09 pm

Ok Everybody Dissing Beyonce Y'all are some haters Lol! Rihanna is no comparison to BEYONCE!! Beyonce is very smart business minded female who is Gorgeous and sweet Talented. Beyonce on a Whole Nother level then Rih.Rihanna just wanna have something bad to say about BEY cause she jealous or her and rih aint on that level yet!! Anybody wit common since knows that what Beyonce said was direct towards her haters!!! Rihanna a hater i guess her rep she is known as a Hoe has to try to target someone to make her self feel better. Come on rihanna you mean to tell us you have that Big head for nothin and haters y'all that too no common since either!!! Lol!!!

Cheshire on fevereiro 12, 2016 AT 05 pm

You sound so stupid i mean like very very very stupid saying she threw shade just because she liked a picture!! ad then the nerve to say i think this is a feud. cmonn its a like button, get off youtube whoever you are.

Halle Marius on fevereiro 19, 2016 AT 06 pm

How is rihanna dissing beyoncé and it's a little feud. I don't see any feud. it was one like. ONE. Beyoncé and Rihanna are mutual friends.

Ibrion Kassama on fevereiro 22, 2016 AT 11 pm


Sahar on fevereiro 25, 2016 AT 03 pm

Beyonce face looks like a tranny's. When her eyes are half open is like come on let me f with my penis.

Rhett Jones on março 3, 2016 AT 10 pm


Ryan Khan on março 20, 2016 AT 07 am

that's right princess(rihana)diss that bitch she got nothing on u,you are way better than this bitch.she ain't nothing like u,but a big fuckn time cock sucker,fuckn bitch.

mediterranean summer on março 20, 2016 AT 03 pm

Did she lie?

Beyonce is all smoke and mirrors when you think about it. What does all that media buzz mean if George Bush was POTUS when you were musically relevant?

Every song Beyonce has released since 2010 was a failure. Why are we supposed to believe that her last album made things any better? It even sold less records than 4 era lol

Kiss my ass with the tour tickets and money drags. It's not like your gym or the club you're going to is blasting Beyonce's latest perfume or tour tickets.

Rihanna has both hits and money. Beyonce has money and seriously lacks hits.

Rihanna is the one genuinely relevant and successful. "Work" is more of a worldwide musical event than Beyonce's whole existence (according to charts, not me). And that's not about to stop anytime soon, she has the most impressive God-given sense for hits ever known to mankind, and that's all she needs to outlast everyone.

Beyonce will remain a local urban memes act, Rihanna will remain a global megastar.

jj Josephine on abril 2, 2016 AT 07 pm

who cares

Elias Dunbakli on abril 15, 2016 AT 10 am

This channel is dumb as fuck

Miranda Rodriguez on abril 16, 2016 AT 11 pm

Doesn't Rhianna dissed everyone (expect her fans )

Terita Cunningham on abril 22, 2016 AT 11 pm

I hate when they do that if somebody dis pic do not mean they do not like each other they just trying to talk Just to get people started because I like both star

sweetchari on abril 25, 2016 AT 03 pm

This is not news but Rih did look jelly at the end.

Nichole Akins on maio 14, 2016 AT 11 am

lol people want to see them beef so bad because they're two bad black women on top! Let them breathe. foh

lil boosie on maio 24, 2016 AT 06 am

juicy bits?

Chantha K on junho 5, 2016 AT 05 pm

Bow Down is for all the haters FYI, not the whole world. Plenty of artist has songs dissing hater, why is Bey's song any different?

Jordan Blanton on junho 8, 2016 AT 11 am

The song flawless is not talking about people should bow down to beyonce because she is rich and famous. Like bitch who told you this wrong info??? The song is talking about feminist

delilah tho on junho 9, 2016 AT 04 pm


Marissa-sue Rattansingh on junho 11, 2016 AT 06 am

And disliked!
So typical and dumbass of these people to always manufacture the most ridiculous feuds pfftttt!

Tavares Higgs on junho 20, 2016 AT 04 am

Rihanna is I
Just jealous of Beyonce period! ,She more Sucessful, she Prettier, she's more Talented and more down to earth and more real ,her journey shows it and her Harder work And Dedications are Amazing.😍💙😍Love you Beyonce

feitras pace on junho 20, 2016 AT 05 pm

I love katy …but inlove with Robert so shes gonna have 2 back off its even im going to date Robert or hes gonnna be gay….-.-

Biskit on julho 2, 2016 AT 12 am


• electrixoul • on julho 17, 2016 AT 03 pm

rihanna and beyonce both suck

Emihle Mdingi on agosto 6, 2016 AT 10 am

omg so RiRi just thought of Beyonce when she liked this

erica vicctoria on agosto 21, 2016 AT 03 pm

prefiro rihanna❤

Blankname101 on setembro 5, 2016 AT 12 pm

Rihanna Looks up to beyonce this is so bull

Mang Kanor on novembro 21, 2016 AT 12 pm

Robert Pattenson is so fucking ugly!

Baby Blue HD TV on dezembro 7, 2016 AT 03 am

(Rihanna is trash)

Just add sparkles Xoxo on dezembro 20, 2016 AT 11 am

So wait she liked a pic about people changing and getting greedy after fame and money and y'all bitches took one word and said oh wait it's in Beyoncé song so she obviously meant it to her can u guys plz make sense ugh

Sonia Ayon on dezembro 23, 2016 AT 06 am

pray against the Jezebel spirit

Saira The Cat on fevereiro 3, 2017 AT 12 am


Janaï merka on fevereiro 6, 2017 AT 12 pm

This is such a reach😩 about bey and rih

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