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INSTAGRAM: THE MOVIE site ganhar seguidores instagram



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Pessoal, este vídeo acima deixo de rodar

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site ganhar seguidores instagram
Follow young @JaeRichards on his journey through life’s ups and downs while trying to maintain a following a Instagram. How far will Jermaine go for some …


Chuckman02 on setembro 14, 2014 AT 08 pm

"The light skin was out, the dark skin was in"

Misss Vasquez on setembro 14, 2014 AT 08 pm

omg wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lmfao

Tyrell harris on setembro 15, 2014 AT 01 am

ok that door slam was random and horrifying at the same time. I'd probably pass out if it happened to me

kevensevenonreverend on setembro 26, 2014 AT 10 pm

I was on the floor this is to funny

Kat tz on outubro 2, 2014 AT 06 pm

fuckin genious I love it

Queen Queenly on outubro 18, 2014 AT 06 pm


YOUNG PUMA on outubro 31, 2014 AT 08 pm

i be dying when i watch yall videos didnt even watch this yet buh i bet its gonna be funny as hell

Tink Baby on novembro 3, 2014 AT 08 pm

your hella funny

Drizz on novembro 8, 2014 AT 06 am

INSTACREASE. NET where all the thot's go….

Thomas Owusu-Abayie on novembro 26, 2014 AT 04 pm

instagram didn't make me, l made instagram!

bobtastic47 on dezembro 5, 2014 AT 12 pm


Akuma Nu Migite† on dezembro 6, 2014 AT 04 am

Fuuuck the door slamming part 😣😣

Coach Shanda on dezembro 13, 2014 AT 02 am

Omg I'm dead that was hilarious!!!!

Oagee Sweets on janeiro 15, 2015 AT 01 am

That's silly

Bop King Killa on janeiro 19, 2015 AT 11 pm

Dat funny asf!!! He tellin da truth doee. Dark skin boys winning. At da same time light skin girls winning. 💯💯🆒🆒🔥🔥💨💨💦💦

_6 spirit on janeiro 21, 2015 AT 09 pm

03:11 Jesus christ

Feysal Anthony Nair on fevereiro 8, 2015 AT 08 am

uhuh this is what we talking abt…hehehe

Urban Goddess on fevereiro 21, 2015 AT 09 am


Jessica Patterson on fevereiro 23, 2015 AT 11 pm

Actually brown skin girls winning and DARKSKIN boys winning

morenita eyecandy on fevereiro 24, 2015 AT 03 am

1:32 "out da instagram hood!!….get my bitches up!"…..2real

Bob Brawler on fevereiro 28, 2015 AT 05 pm

Holy shit lmao😂😂😂😂

Der Outlaw on abril 8, 2015 AT 04 pm

4:20 best part 😀

emile broussard on abril 15, 2015 AT 04 am


kid smith on abril 21, 2015 AT 05 pm

Lmaoooo i remember when they were young af

DaCoolLightSkinDude on julho 28, 2015 AT 05 pm

LMAO "I was lightskin and the instahoes was lovin it I hit'em wit the sexy faces and that boosted me the fuck up!" THE PURE ACCURACY bwahahaa

seth white on agosto 19, 2015 AT 05 pm

3:11 bitch slap of the century

Jamal Williams on outubro 20, 2015 AT 03 am

Imagine This Being A 30 Min Film With Alot Of The Instagram Sensations And Everyone And Its Like Unpredictable To Know Which Instagram Is Gonna Be In The Film As Like A Suprise. DOPE 🔥🔥🔥

Real01 S. on janeiro 18, 2016 AT 05 pm

fuck social media

JustJessThings on fevereiro 14, 2016 AT 06 am

I'm dying 😂😂😂😂

William Makiese on fevereiro 19, 2016 AT 08 pm


Tyshawn King on fevereiro 19, 2016 AT 08 pm

ya niggas need more subscribers

Dau7hy on fevereiro 22, 2016 AT 07 pm

You guys should be waaaaay more famous, you niggas are funny as fuck!

TIMELORD 3000 on março 3, 2016 AT 08 pm


NADI387 on maio 12, 2016 AT 02 am

Jae closing Trey's fake penis in the door made me cringe lol.

Ibreathegaming on maio 23, 2016 AT 10 am

3:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm crying

Brandon S on maio 27, 2016 AT 02 pm

Back when it came out, IG was actually for taking pics of stuff, cool photography. Now it's for pics that get the most likes. People don't take pics without themselves in the photo now a days

Jada Brown on junho 16, 2016 AT 08 pm

I remember the old instagram from back in the day. Back when people used to post creative pictures of breath taking photos. When it was all about capturing the perfect picture at the perfect moment and sharing it to make people happy. Now a days instagram is more like a dirty swimming pool full of thots with fake tits and asses, ugly ass selfies, insensitive memes and people pushing bullshit ass agendas through social media.

P25C on junho 27, 2016 AT 06 pm

damn all the way back when jae didn't even have the c for crispy beard trim

Надира Сапарбай on julho 16, 2016 AT 04 am


MasterTuttoo on agosto 21, 2016 AT 05 pm

shut up bitch LMFAOOOOOOOO

Mickie Dahmer on agosto 25, 2016 AT 03 pm


Naomi Izumba on setembro 14, 2016 AT 05 pm


Kaila Kakes on setembro 21, 2016 AT 03 pm

this nigga look like marlon wayne

King Maleek on setembro 26, 2016 AT 06 am

2016 shit just had me dying!

PapiLovesMeGames AidenLokwag on outubro 13, 2016 AT 01 am

2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

Annakay Davis on dezembro 22, 2016 AT 02 pm

omg I found this so hilarious

Syd Neyh on janeiro 7, 2017 AT 06 pm

this dude out here putting on black-er face 😂😂😂😂

Edgar Allan Tone on janeiro 22, 2017 AT 02 am


Black Thor on março 16, 2017 AT 12 am

IDK how you guys don't have a million subs.

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