Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom – Foundation seguidores instagram online

Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom – Foundation seguidores instagram online




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Kevin Rose sits down with Kevin Systrom, founder of the popular social photo sharing app, Instagram. They chat about Systrom’s growing up with computers, his …


Hi Def on maio 13, 2015 AT 12 am


Hassan Uddin on junho 26, 2015 AT 02 pm

Now in this video he says he's been doing it since he was 12? I couldn't tell if that article was a complete.

BD Entertainment on julho 13, 2015 AT 11 am

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Kc Kalavacharla on julho 14, 2015 AT 10 pm

Dude you got to stop talking about yourself and let the guest speak!!!

Tommy Scott on julho 24, 2015 AT 04 am

I love the interviewer! I think having an interviewer that chat with you is so much less boring than having one that only asks you questions. It's sorta like chatting.

adsvers cop on agosto 2, 2015 AT 11 pm

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Myself Ronny on setembro 22, 2015 AT 03 pm

o yes now I understand why this dog continue to burk and will never relief me even I kick it out the infamous DOG TUBE

Quiicker Admin on dezembro 3, 2015 AT 04 am

lousy interviewer.

xUnleadedx on dezembro 9, 2015 AT 07 pm

IG is shit. Boring.

JATR1X on dezembro 9, 2015 AT 10 pm

actually, i enjoyed this, sort of conversation type interview. keep it up

Christophe Rouge on janeiro 12, 2016 AT 06 pm

Can you stop talking about yourself please ?

MLG Copypasta on fevereiro 20, 2016 AT 03 am

A geo-location based tweets app…sounds firmilair? Yik-Yak lol.

jamrockingston on março 9, 2016 AT 04 pm

The interview is interviewing his self

Ian Gozl on março 31, 2016 AT 07 pm

Thanks bro for making these!

puneeth shivalingaiah on abril 19, 2016 AT 03 am

🙂 🙂 🙂

Chris Dixon on maio 24, 2016 AT 10 pm

It's so hard to watch when interviewer just refers every single question back to himself.

Denise Morgan on junho 8, 2016 AT 08 am

Re-write Instagram so you can upload from PC without all the hasle of downloading other gadgets and such. You eliminated so many users by making easy access only to phones.

MrPacinci on junho 11, 2016 AT 12 pm

is this an interview or a chance for me to talk about myself and be a jackass.Learn the art of professionalism please,were here to listen about the founder not the interviewer

dergdog on junho 12, 2016 AT 12 am


Mariam Alzeyoudi on junho 18, 2016 AT 07 am

Honestly I don't like IG why? Because if you friend follow to someone or something like that it's showing in profile.. For what that we private it because we don't like someone who sees who you follow or whose following on…please find a solution boss … That private it's really private thanks🌹

Rudy Gr on junho 19, 2016 AT 12 am

You should of asked him about the blocking system. Like he should have a blocking list of people Who blocked you from any Time period…

Michael Stunner on julho 4, 2016 AT 12 am

all these cocksuckers do is controlling the system..but they need to use us..the general public…oooohhh I'M so pissed off I should have 3000 followers by now and they controlling it

Michael Stunner on julho 4, 2016 AT 12 am

im not done yet..I cant wait to become my complete srlf to destroy these bitches…micheal_stunner on pics are amazing but they stopping followers adding to my rank

Michael Stunner on julho 4, 2016 AT 12 am

in one day I had gane 400 week how much should I have?? exactly y I still got 726 followers.
I should have 4000 followers but they control that..fuck the system…oooohh im pissed

Emma Craw on agosto 14, 2016 AT 09 am

can you help me with a problem if so email me +Emma Craw

Alessplayer 005 on outubro 13, 2016 AT 01 am

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NECROFOROSX on outubro 17, 2016 AT 01 pm

Kevin Rose trying to act smart the whole time/speak of himself. Puts feet on couch. smh

wira atmaja on outubro 20, 2016 AT 11 am

Now its a bunch of 10 yrs girls lip snyc (idk how to spell) in her iPhone that her mom gave her which is a bad Dessicion (idk how to spell) and they might get boyfriend which is a pedophile and she raped her mom cries and whole family cries

Malek Zalfana on novembro 5, 2016 AT 04 pm

What an amazing interview! Kevin is an entrepreneur that knows what he's doing.

12345a on novembro 20, 2016 AT 02 am

yeah – yeah – yeah – yeah

12345a on novembro 20, 2016 AT 02 am

"I did a semester in Florence…"

Yep , the rich getting richer.

12345a on novembro 20, 2016 AT 02 am

Entrepreneurs like him make me doubt myself
Over achiever , Stanford Grad , companies like Fb , google and microsoft after him at the age of 22-23

While I go to a average college and I dont like my CS courses (in my country you cannot change courses)

Note to self:Dont let anyone doubt yourself

Victor Williams on novembro 26, 2016 AT 04 pm

gurlll i came here to learn about the dude that created ig not to hear you kinky boy talk about urself. hmmm

Mardiros Software on dezembro 4, 2016 AT 01 am

Wow 15 million then, they thought it was a lot. It recently hit a billion downloads

Jacob Maxwell on fevereiro 22, 2017 AT 09 pm

I live in holliston

thejokersonyou on março 14, 2017 AT 09 am

15 million users at the time… they're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay larger now

sanskar tiwari on março 18, 2017 AT 01 pm

what the people do in his team pls reply

connor pacilio on março 30, 2017 AT 07 pm

I wanna fucking kill this man for helping this dumb ass genration

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