How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer comprar seguidores pro instagram

How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer comprar seguidores pro instagram



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Pessoal, este vídeo acima deixo de funcionar

Mais se liga no novo vídeo que esta dando certo ;

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Learn how to upload Instagram photos and videos from a computer with this complete guide.


Ariel Belloso on novembro 14, 2016 AT 09 pm

Hi mate
where is the link to download ES File Explorer? Do I need this app for PC as well?
Thanks for the tutorial by the way.

stuff on novembro 16, 2016 AT 10 pm

lol its in the downloading process now wait its done!

stuff on novembro 16, 2016 AT 11 pm

its completly horrible would not load

Caroline Hayward on novembro 17, 2016 AT 01 pm

Uninstalling Blue Stacks – can't get it to work!

AztroWulf on novembro 23, 2016 AT 10 am

You sound like Bear Grylls stranded in Antarctica.

joseph solo on novembro 30, 2016 AT 10 am

i dont find the button advance features… why?

Harshini B on dezembro 2, 2016 AT 08 am

I cant find the advanced features in settings and I have downloaded the newer version.

fice Alice on dezembro 2, 2016 AT 05 pm

is that's the only way to ,?

Cristina Sasaki on dezembro 7, 2016 AT 04 pm

Hi Christian, I am not able to see the "Advanced Feature" item you mentioned in your video, so I keep getting my MacNotebook camera instead ES File Explorer. Can you help me?

Димитър Чоторов on dezembro 8, 2016 AT 05 am

Awesome video!!!

Russell A on dezembro 8, 2016 AT 06 am

why the hell did instagram make it so bloody difficult? ridiculous!

Despicable on dezembro 11, 2016 AT 04 am


Dean Chamley on dezembro 14, 2016 AT 02 am

Instagram cannot be installed?

Maryam Buttar on dezembro 15, 2016 AT 06 am

hard dude really hard first of all i can't download that app and second of all i don't understand anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DogZbarkZ on dezembro 22, 2016 AT 01 pm

LOL funny thing is that I just typed in the search bar "how to post" then the thing I was looking for already showed up xD

Murilo 'morello' Cunha on dezembro 26, 2016 AT 01 pm

on sierra crash as fuck. ive tryed like 4, 5 times then downloaded insta and not sure why but es file shows my phone instead of showing my pc

elijahnathangamertv on dezembro 30, 2016 AT 05 pm

nice than

raze larius on janeiro 1, 2017 AT 11 pm

bluestacks, so big file. 360 mb?

Demmie Del on janeiro 7, 2017 AT 09 pm

what happens if i dont download the ES file explorer and can I delete BlueStarks from my laptop when i'm done?

ps. not on a MAC

Pelle Juel on janeiro 8, 2017 AT 03 am

I find the more easy way to go. Is you send your self the picture on facebook, then save it. Then you can upload it to instagram from your phone. Takes less than 5 seconds

nitiksha singh on janeiro 14, 2017 AT 07 am

i cnt find advanced features..

Jay Hughes on janeiro 20, 2017 AT 08 pm

Hey Christian, HandBrake wont convert the file to a MOV and instagram wont accept the upload of MP4, any suggestions?

Rooikat on janeiro 27, 2017 AT 10 am

dude… wut

Finn Manusia on janeiro 31, 2017 AT 05 am

I want to upload videos but it only can upload photos.

Daniel Costanza on fevereiro 2, 2017 AT 03 am

I followed your steps on how to work around not having the advanced camera option. But when I looks at my instagram feed on my mac, it won't play any of the videos posted by users on my Instagram feed? Can you advise why?

Robert Coury on fevereiro 9, 2017 AT 10 pm

fuckin on yo bitch she a dot dot dot

Richard on fevereiro 15, 2017 AT 12 am

Instagram sucks!

christine pratt on fevereiro 15, 2017 AT 10 pm

thank you for this video it really helped me a lot and what camera do you have I'm sure for the right one for my channel

lulubeloo on fevereiro 21, 2017 AT 02 pm

i hate how facebook created an instagram account for me, i just want it gone

The Unknown Figure on fevereiro 28, 2017 AT 07 pm

or… you can just have Windows 10…
Yes I know how old this video is.

Briar on março 1, 2017 AT 06 am

I couldn't find a Blue Stacks app, but I found a photo transfer app and it works wonders!!! Thanks!!

love maxine on março 5, 2017 AT 04 am

go fight GO FIGHT

Luna K on março 7, 2017 AT 06 pm

I just wasted a bunch of time getting bluestacks set up only to find out that instagram updated their fucking system and I can't access "advanced camera settings" anymore, rendering all this useless. Fuck instagram, what the fuck kind of social site doesn't allow you to access all their features from mac or pc? Fuck.

Alex Mac on março 9, 2017 AT 11 am

im not using some shitty 3rd party app

Lynn Mcqueen on março 29, 2017 AT 07 am

WTAF!! Who is more lazier, Me or Instagram??

Sharon Leslie on março 31, 2017 AT 08 pm

all i did was import photos from my laptop via Airmore and they were instantly on my phone gallery. took seconds

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