How to Take Good Instagram Photos follow para instagram

How to Take Good Instagram Photos follow para instagram




Pessoal, este manual acima deixo de dar certo

Mais se liga no novo manual que esta virando ;

Como conseguir seguidores reais no instagram e seguidores brasileiros no instagram manual 2017  conheça aplicativo

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follow para instagram
follow para instagram
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A short video sharing some of my favorite Instagram tips on how to take good instagram photos! …


ChelleBelle on junho 27, 2016 AT 08 pm

Giving strangers directions? No thanks

Cesyra Silva on julho 15, 2016 AT 09 am

what app and filter you use ?

Lawayne Gibson on julho 17, 2016 AT 07 pm

only works if you have nice things

Sherlock Holmes on julho 21, 2016 AT 01 pm

Don't mind me, just standing on a chair in an expensive Italian restaurant.

Michele Zampillo on julho 21, 2016 AT 10 pm

Thank you! That was so helpful <3

Wenyana Lee on julho 23, 2016 AT 11 am

do you use any apps to edit the filter of the photo?

marwa naghmouchi on julho 26, 2016 AT 08 pm

thanks for the useful tips Aimee! life saver

Genz Alcasid on julho 29, 2016 AT 09 am

1:43 is so funny. 😂😂😂

Tamanna Tabassum Mim on agosto 5, 2016 AT 07 am


taissatai on agosto 5, 2016 AT 02 pm

Nice video!

BigHit Making Yoongi bald since 2013 on agosto 11, 2016 AT 07 pm

This is a joke (?) Like some are useful but algo strange. I love fotografy ( tho don't give a shit about followers and likes on Instagram) and everything seemed a bit "too much"

Tiedye Marshmallow on agosto 18, 2016 AT 04 am

0:42 dancers everywhere laughing what even is a pedicure

Nadeem K on agosto 30, 2016 AT 09 am

Is all your Instagram photos are taken in iPhone??? It doesn't look like that. 😨😨

Gorgeously Mae on setembro 2, 2016 AT 12 pm

I would really feel weird, completely stupid and awkward, While im surrounded by many ppl 😭😭

quena masser on setembro 24, 2016 AT 01 am

I claimed some real fans which helps a great deal!
Obtained several them without problem!

Sandi Tyche on setembro 27, 2016 AT 01 am

Is this for real?

Sushil Kumavat on outubro 10, 2016 AT 06 am

2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

Geraldine Domingo on outubro 18, 2016 AT 10 am

That was so bossssssy! lol

FuntasticBrynley on outubro 31, 2016 AT 02 am

Ugh I can rarely take good selfies because I'm ugly.

stylez914 on novembro 7, 2016 AT 08 pm

This was an awesomely well put together video. Like really

Hazel S on novembro 11, 2016 AT 07 am

great tips 🙂 will definitely follow them

Maria Afram on novembro 14, 2016 AT 10 pm

Amazing ideas except for one, i wouldn't trust a stranger with my own belonging haha.

Callie&Co on novembro 18, 2016 AT 03 am

HAHA the bossy part. I love all of your rings in this video btw!!

wordsme on dezembro 1, 2016 AT 05 pm

The stranger might steal your phone

The Vegan Doll on dezembro 10, 2016 AT 12 am

Great tips! Thank you!

Alexis Freeman on dezembro 11, 2016 AT 04 pm

Pictures of food should be foodography 😉

Ashton Martinez on dezembro 14, 2016 AT 12 am

so fine !!

Sarah Wilkinson on janeiro 2, 2017 AT 07 pm

what is that app called ,the one that changed her lips

KK Bear on janeiro 14, 2017 AT 08 am

I would never ask someone to take a picture for me 😂😂 I would sound like a loner

Molly Manolis on janeiro 29, 2017 AT 07 pm

the sad but true truth on getting pictures😂😩

CHOWiX on fevereiro 7, 2017 AT 12 pm

cool video thanks

Sarrah Dolly on fevereiro 9, 2017 AT 11 pm

Best tips! Thank you!!

Mohammad Syazwan Md Sidi on fevereiro 10, 2017 AT 05 pm

hey, my instagram id : syazwansidi , if you mind to check it and suggest one theme for my instagram feed. please

sahil dua on março 7, 2017 AT 05 am

Congrats for 1 m views

ratherbenapping 10 on março 7, 2017 AT 09 pm

what I want to know is how do you edit your videos??

Aarya on março 13, 2017 AT 07 am

I'd rather enjoy my food instead of using my time to take their pictures.

Fatou FAYE on março 15, 2017 AT 09 pm


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