How to make your Instagram private seguidores e likes no instagram

How to make your Instagram private seguidores e likes no instagram




Pessoal, este vídeo acima deixo de dar certo

Mais se liga no novo vídeo que esta rolando ;

Como conseguir seguidores reais no instagram e seguidores brasileiros no instagram vídeo 2017  conheça app

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seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
seguidores e likes no instagram
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MQ Gaming on março 26, 2014 AT 01 pm


lovelyti2002 on junho 26, 2014 AT 12 pm

thank you soooooo much!!!

Shawn Mills on julho 23, 2014 AT 10 pm

I have a question for you?? Can the ones following me on Instagram See other pics I have liked or messaged on???

Donna L on julho 31, 2014 AT 01 am


Alvaro Jimenez on agosto 4, 2014 AT 04 pm

Thanks so much

Juan Carlos Mendoza on agosto 10, 2014 AT 03 pm


nancy brueggeman on agosto 30, 2014 AT 11 pm

thank you

pretty maryoma on outubro 7, 2014 AT 09 am

Thanks but I didn't find that on my iPad , please tell me how , cuz I really need your help 😣

simplymorgan k on novembro 2, 2014 AT 11 am

Thank u sooooooooo much x

Nomukabat Enjibat on novembro 6, 2014 AT 08 pm


MegaAguamarina on novembro 8, 2014 AT 08 pm

Thank you 😉

Supernatural Scaboble on novembro 14, 2014 AT 06 am


negin faizi on novembro 20, 2014 AT 04 am

Thank you very usefull

Gustavo Chávez on novembro 26, 2014 AT 03 pm


GoKudera X27 on dezembro 10, 2014 AT 01 am

Thank you

Marios SONY on janeiro 2, 2015 AT 09 am

Haha British accent

Sassy Foodettes on março 29, 2015 AT 01 pm

I dont have that!! ;《

Grace Thomas on abril 9, 2015 AT 09 am

It was really helpful

Aubrie Bevis on abril 12, 2015 AT 09 pm

I don't have that.

Carson Does it all on abril 26, 2015 AT 11 am

My Instagram doesn't have that button at the bottom

Jemima Gibson on maio 11, 2015 AT 08 pm

I don't have it

Mary Beth Gallo on maio 12, 2015 AT 11 am

Thanks. ❤❤❤

Nicholas' gaming tv on maio 18, 2015 AT 10 am

Thx dude now no one can see my stuff

dubtinao on maio 21, 2015 AT 08 pm

Thks .do you know why the navigate symbol has gone on account home page

keira frosdick on maio 31, 2015 AT 12 pm

It doesn't do that anymore omg you don't help!

destiny neadau on junho 4, 2015 AT 07 pm

if he has an ipod than why does he have a mouse?? doesn't make any sence

Jin Tae Kim on julho 4, 2015 AT 04 pm

My Instagram doesn't have posts are private when I go to edit profile, so what do I do.

y k on setembro 19, 2015 AT 01 am

oh ok thanks

Yahaira Hernadez on outubro 15, 2015 AT 09 pm

Thanks i need it

Peter Tran on dezembro 15, 2015 AT 12 am

Nope it doesn't have that

Dream Queen on janeiro 8, 2016 AT 10 pm

My Instagram private

Amelia Hollis on fevereiro 3, 2016 AT 05 pm

Mine dosent have that

Piggy Doodles on fevereiro 19, 2016 AT 04 pm

My account won't let me make it private. HELP!!!!

Maribel Morales on março 11, 2016 AT 11 pm

I had exactly like u said.
and still people cam see my pics caise o have like
even for.persons that o don't know.

Chase Jackson on março 28, 2016 AT 10 pm

The stops after male or female it does not work

Priya Rose on abril 2, 2016 AT 03 am

same my account wont let me make it private help!

Alex Arthur on abril 16, 2016 AT 09 pm

That might work on your iPhone or iPod Touch instead of using the computer.

Elliot Harrison on maio 8, 2016 AT 12 am

okay, I got it! (for phone app) When you go to your profile, look for the three dots in the upper right hand corner. if you click that it will bring you to a screen that has that private post option.

TheOnyxSavage on julho 11, 2016 AT 05 pm

I cant make it private

Marey Nasser on julho 31, 2016 AT 03 am

Shut up. /:

csgo gamming dk on outubro 10, 2016 AT 09 am

2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

Jennifer V on fevereiro 23, 2017 AT 01 pm

its not like this anymore!

Zendpar on março 1, 2017 AT 07 pm

why the fuck do you have a phone screen then you have a computer controlling

Zendpar on março 1, 2017 AT 07 pm

omg he replied

Zendpar on março 1, 2017 AT 07 pm

can you sup to my channel

sky dragon on março 10, 2017 AT 01 pm

this is some annoying, its like they dont care about you if you dont have a phone lol fucking hell i give up

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