How Blind People Use Instagram como ter bastante curtidas no instagram

How Blind People Use Instagram como ter bastante curtidas no instagram



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como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
como ter bastante curtidas no instagram
SUBSCRIBE: HOW BLIND PEOPLE…? PLAYLIST: Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, demonstrates how …


Тарас Скрипник on junho 23, 2014 AT 04 pm

я конечно ничего не имею против слепых людей , но нахуя им фотографии ??? что бы никогда их не увидеть?

Jack Krum on julho 24, 2014 AT 10 am

Blind man shows how important Intstagram is.

SeriouslyJD on agosto 12, 2014 AT 12 am

It's really cool to see what it's like to use everyday things without vision.. I couldn't imagine

becker carl on setembro 16, 2014 AT 03 pm

But i prefer ***IGROCKET COM***

sophia leitch on outubro 25, 2014 AT 05 pm

Have you had a girlfriend ????

Fast af Boi on novembro 11, 2014 AT 03 am

Increase is for scrubs

Hasbullah Bin Pit on janeiro 6, 2015 AT 02 pm

Pentingnya A11y , supaya orang buta pun boleh guna media sosial


Najma Green on março 7, 2015 AT 05 pm

This is amazing !!

Kuririn126 on abril 12, 2015 AT 01 pm

I'm so happy that tecnology allows him to use this things its so cool =) …"Why i put this in front of my face has i could see is beyond me " XD so funny

Rebecca Heard on abril 20, 2015 AT 11 pm

It's cool how there is an app that tells him what he's doing on his phone. Tommy takes unique photos of everyday objects and yet he's blind… surely that is something.

James Laster on abril 29, 2015 AT 06 am

Shut your eyes put a blindfold on go for 24 whole hours and then you might know I have lol

Cesarama on agosto 16, 2015 AT 09 pm

This was Beautiful 🙂

Smooooth on setembro 16, 2015 AT 10 pm

So does he choose filters at random

Miquel Botanch on setembro 24, 2015 AT 06 pm


Maxine McFarlane on dezembro 2, 2015 AT 02 am

"why am I holding the camera to my face" lol that line tho

Dro Zen on dezembro 23, 2015 AT 11 am

left nostril selfie is legendary

Alexis Young on dezembro 30, 2015 AT 07 pm

Your awesome tommy. u make me want to download Instagram so I can fallow u !

Amber Okorie on janeiro 8, 2016 AT 07 am

That old instagram layout tho….

Bennick Karune on fevereiro 18, 2016 AT 03 am

You should be president of the world! 🙂

rkm424 on fevereiro 24, 2016 AT 05 am

I love this guy's charisma and his seemingly unbreakable spirit

Ariella Klein on fevereiro 24, 2016 AT 05 am

You have a wonderful soul. I could watch these videos for hours.

Shinigami Bella on fevereiro 28, 2016 AT 06 pm

I think this is awesome I think it's cool to see what you get into the frame and I like it a little blurry I don't mind it I think it's artistic and cool!

Will Blind97 on março 16, 2016 AT 05 pm

Ok as a blind person, I don't like Instagram.This is mostly due to me not knowing what kind of filters should be applied to photos. So, I wonder if he just chooses filters at random or does he have somebody tell him in advance which filters are the best? Does anybody know the answer to this question?

Azhar Safwan on junho 10, 2016 AT 05 am


Tiana Rose on julho 20, 2016 AT 04 am

I am also blind and use Instagram. It is great to see how you use it, as I am partially sighted and can partly see the screen.

SazquatchTurd on setembro 8, 2016 AT 08 pm

You're the man Tommy! Huge inspiration to blind and sighted people alike. I've been watching your videos recently and have learned alot about blindness. You are a real "eye opener" (pun intended) Lol.

Jake S Mario5537 on setembro 15, 2016 AT 06 pm

Omg this guy is awesome

Monica Gonzalez on outubro 7, 2016 AT 03 pm

I have horrible vision! I have miopia and Ive always been scared that I will go blind. My vision has gotten worse, almost everything from an arm away is blurry. I focus a lot and strain my vision. Ive only meet one other person with worse vision as I have. However he was on his way to becoming blind and deaf for some other medical reason. So anyways Im sure my vision will slowly get worse as I age but your videos comfort me. I appreciate being able to see even if its not perfectly clear.

Sweet Heart on outubro 13, 2016 AT 07 pm

Tommy, my only advice would be, to hold the phone (camera) as still as possible when you take the photo, and for 1-2 seconds afterward. That way, the photos will be clear and in focus, rather than blurry. Any little movement of the camera makes them appear blurry and harder for a sighted person to see what the image is.

Michelle Kill on outubro 18, 2016 AT 07 pm

I have never had a desire for instagram until now! I now have to get it ASAP just so I can fallow you Tommy!! I love your YouTube channel by the way, and have been watching all your videos since I found you! You have such a great personality and you always make me smile!!! Thank you!!!

♛ Huffdaddy™ on novembro 2, 2016 AT 08 pm

Poor guy can't even see the crew. Little does he know theres only one other guy in the room with him.

Equinox on dezembro 26, 2016 AT 12 am

I love this guy he is so open and just free to the world!

Ryan Arbogast on dezembro 31, 2016 AT 04 pm

He has tumblr

molak34 on janeiro 11, 2017 AT 11 pm

you always make me smile! I love your videos !

Manuella Maia on fevereiro 18, 2017 AT 11 pm

WHOA he was looking super american here o-o) nice hair color

zxyism on fevereiro 22, 2017 AT 11 pm

I really like his shaky photos though, kind of cute and artistic

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