Dwayne Johnson Explains His Infamous ’90s Throwback Instagram likes de curtidas

Dwayne Johnson Explains His Infamous ’90s Throwback Instagram likes de curtidas



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Jimmy and Dwayne chat about his movie Hercules, and Jimmy gives Dwayne a special edition action figure. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring …


Tate Schmaltz on dezembro 21, 2015 AT 09 pm

The only plays a factor in ruining his shows are his insincere, fake as fuck laughs. #KillsMeEveryTime

MagicianFlip69 on dezembro 30, 2015 AT 02 am

Where can I get a Hercules exclusive action  figure

Emma Blake on janeiro 6, 2016 AT 04 am

That jacket is barely keep his arms in check.

youku cx on janeiro 9, 2016 AT 04 am

the rock wearing that fannypack looks like a thong

Dan Clifton on janeiro 15, 2016 AT 09 am

Is it me, or does it look like an invisible giant is constantly pinching the top if the rocks head? lmao

Caitlin Harvey on janeiro 16, 2016 AT 05 am

It's really interestlng screw yoke What's happennng..

Madison Musicly on janeiro 16, 2016 AT 09 pm

He is so hottttttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘

Luke the Wolf on janeiro 23, 2016 AT 09 pm

It's the rock!!!!!

George Katerberg on janeiro 29, 2016 AT 12 am

That pic was when he posed for from The Toronto sun sunshine boy many years ago

Carbonero Vasquez on janeiro 29, 2016 AT 10 am

muy graciosa….

Sofia Lakh on janeiro 29, 2016 AT 09 pm

the tissue was everything hahahaha

Moon Rider on fevereiro 6, 2016 AT 04 am

Hahahaha.. 3:16 This is 1st time I see The Rock has lost words for couple of second.. other than that he just perfectly fine for me.. 😀

Marco Ezen on fevereiro 8, 2016 AT 10 pm

From Vin Diesel to Dwayne Johnson, Anyone else????

Tony Perri on fevereiro 9, 2016 AT 04 am


Wade Von Haussen on fevereiro 15, 2016 AT 11 pm

Fannypack? okay grow up afiq…..
its not funny…(wait for it…)

sote ful on fevereiro 18, 2016 AT 06 am

I love the rock because he is so humble

Rachelle Paulino on fevereiro 22, 2016 AT 02 am

no wonder they call him the rock

Alyce Capek on março 9, 2016 AT 09 pm

" poptarts and condoms" 😂😂😂 A man who comes prepared 👍👏👏👏😂

Ayan44 on março 18, 2016 AT 03 pm

he is the best

Lloyd Franklin on março 29, 2016 AT 07 pm

Fanny pack? it's a bloody bum bag.

Nancy Kotelniski on abril 19, 2016 AT 07 pm

i fuckin lost it at the action figure

Nicholas NRG on abril 21, 2016 AT 12 am

the rock has the funniest most chill laugh

hip2thabone on maio 1, 2016 AT 11 am

Lol he looks like the puertorican rapper named "CUBAN LINK". ;-0)

kakadots on maio 8, 2016 AT 01 pm

What did the woman in the audience say?

Debbs Apple on maio 11, 2016 AT 08 am

dwayne was hot back then lol

CryBaby Cruz on maio 19, 2016 AT 10 am

Dwayne has been very versatile in his career and that is why he is still relevant

Ashraf Anam on maio 28, 2016 AT 01 am


0prahTV on junho 5, 2016 AT 01 pm

He's better than Ali.

Dude What's My Name on junho 13, 2016 AT 09 am

at least better than frutty pebbles

Fausto Faria on junho 28, 2016 AT 11 pm

The Watch? The Golden Watch…

Jay K on junho 30, 2016 AT 10 am

i would buy one of those pls sell them

Junior B on julho 6, 2016 AT 02 am

Fuck, it's been a while since I laughed this hard. Thank you, Jimmy.

Kevin Owens on julho 14, 2016 AT 07 pm

So this is what he has been doing while Not being in the wwe for like a year

Sean Collins on julho 20, 2016 AT 04 am

poptarts & condoms

Manal_KSA on julho 23, 2016 AT 06 pm

أفضل مصارع 😿💜

Ayman Dawoud on agosto 16, 2016 AT 06 pm

hahahahahaha i didnt expect that action figure XD

AJ-Mathew on agosto 27, 2016 AT 09 pm

So damm cool this men.

Frazier 2108 on setembro 11, 2016 AT 11 pm

John cena is better

Barend Nieuwoudt on setembro 20, 2016 AT 12 pm

1996 is the year I was born

Wendy Heng on dezembro 6, 2016 AT 02 pm

when he said one must insert the thumb 😂😂😂

Wang Boy on dezembro 8, 2016 AT 07 am

Fake laugh Level:99

LtSump on dezembro 9, 2016 AT 10 pm

one of the greatest videos ever, makes me laugh everytime

DaMightyBlue on dezembro 31, 2016 AT 11 am


KhronicYouth on janeiro 27, 2017 AT 03 am

that action figure is awesome and there's only one

Erol Vrapceski on fevereiro 11, 2017 AT 08 pm

I just can't stand Jimmy's fake laughter anymore

Miki Cheung on março 21, 2017 AT 10 am

this guy looks like the rock!!

da_hooliii on março 31, 2017 AT 08 am

Oh that's incredible.

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